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To provide professional communication equipment for the safety of personnel in all workplace environments.

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CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. manufactures a family of Confined Space and Hazardous Area communication and alarm systems. Our customer list reads like a Who's Who of major industrial clients, Municipalities, the U.S. Military, major world airlines, Rescue groups (FEMA and Fire Departments), plus an assortment of other users.


A History

In 1990, CON-SPACE Communications Ltd established a market niche for continuous two-way communication equipment designed for Confined Space work environments. Our equipment was developed specifically for communication between the work space entrant and the safety attendant monitoring the entrant in hazardous work environments.

CON-SPACE conducted a series of surveys in North America to determine industry equipment requirements. The ultimate goal was to establish equipment configuration needs suitable for Confined Spaces. In 1992, CON-SPACE communication equipment was introduced into both the Canadian and American marketplaces. Since then, our product line has been successfully marketed throughout North America, Asia, the South Pacific, Britain and most recently Europe.

With considerable initiative and resourcefulness, CON-SPACE found a market niche worth an estimated $1 billion and created a complete product line to service it. As a result, CON-SPACE developed a reputation as an industry leader in Confined Space communication systems.

As a result of the success the hardline systems in Fire/Rescue, Fire Departments all over North America requested a product to use with their Two-way radios which would provide a similarly high-quality voice reception. In 1997, CON-SPACE officially introduced a Two-way Radio Interface system with a Throat Mic capable of voice clarity far superior to equipment previously available. This innovative system opens a new market in many international industries currently using a vast number of Two-way radios. An Intrinsic Safe Approved version of the product is currently in progress.

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