Available in any length up to 1500 feet, the communication cable provides the all important link between the entrant(s) and the safety attendant.

Physically, the cable is lightweight and strong, has excellent abrasion properties and maintains its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. The outside cover is a thermoplastic rubber which is inherently resistant to a wide variety of oils, solvents and chemicals, including Skydrol. High polar fluids such as alcohol’s, ketones, glycol’s, esters and aqueous solutions of acids, salts and bases have little affect on this cover.

The cable consists of five wires plus a drain wire. Four of the wires make up the two sets of twisted pairs, one set for the transmit signal and one for the receive signal. Each twisted pair has its own separate shield and each shield is insulated. The fifth wire is for activating the Alarm Module. The overall shield with its drain wire is an added precaution and combines with the other shields to reduce the possibility of EMI Electrical Noise Interference, R.F. and cross-talk between transmit and receive signals.

The cable connectors are locking stainless steel military connectors with gold plated contacts built to withstand rugged use in harsh environments.

Different lengths of cable can joined to together to a maximum distance of 1500' (500 metres).

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