Talk Box

The Talk Box provides tether-free two way communication in low noise environments via a unique speaker and microphone device.

Ideal for small, low noise, fully ventilated spaces. Open Speaker/Mic concept allows entrants full communication within a 6 ft. radius of the Talk Box. The unit is waterproof and extremely rugged. System includes Alarm Button. Limited to one per system.

The Talk Box enclosure is made of moulded fibreglass which is extremely rugged and resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalis and corrosive liquids.

This accessory is normally used in small spaces where entrants are not required to wear face masks. The Talk Box is not designed to be worn but to lay or hang in close proximity 6' - 8') to the entrant, allowing full duplex communication with the outside safety attendant with no physical effort. The 'Box' is easily moved to stay within reaching distance of the entrant for quick access to the Alarm activation button in case of an emergency.

The speaker and microphone are environmentally sealed in keeping with the rest of the system. There are no batteries to worry about as only signal power is received and transmitted via the specially designed accessory signal cable.


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