CON-SPACE Alarm Module Option

Alarm option includes: Alarm, Module Carrier with strap and Alarm Cable with connectors.



When connected to the CSI-2100, the Alarm option allows any entrant to initiate a 100db alarm from inside the space and it can also be set off by safety attendant to call rescue team. The Alarm Module is Intrinsically Safe Approved to the same level as the CSI-2100 Command Module, so it can be used as a stand alone device. It also has built-in capability to set off other remote alarms (visual, radio, etc..).

The Alarm Module is permanently on standby with its own battery power source. Even when connected to a CSI-2100 Command Module, which is switched off, the alarm system will continue to function. A flashing LED indicator gives 12 hours warning of battery replacement.

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