About Us

Through our commitment to reliability, we save lives.

CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. and its five principal product lines are the eyes, ears and voice of first responders around the world for almost two decades. CON-SPACE Hardline, the SearchCam® line, Delsar® Life Detectors, the EntryLink™ and CON-SPACE Radio Accessories — now all manufactured by CON-SPACE Communications — are the “originals” in the field of technical rescue. They’re time-proven, reliable, field tested and easy to use. First responders rely on the “originals” to save lives.

CON-SPACE Communications started in 1991 by responding to the needs of our customers — people working in hazardous, confined spaces. This led to the creation of a complete line of Intrinsically Safe, rugged and reliable communications gear now used by first responders throughout the world.

Emergency situations are complex. Rescuers confront multi-hazard emergencies that necessitate the use of specialized gear and tactics. Communications during any emergency are crucial, whether it’s with the rescue team, the incident commander, company officers or victims. Audio, video and acoustic devices are all used to locate and rescue trapped victims.

Eyes, Ears & Voice

CON-SPACE Communications is continually seeking to provide first responders with a complete communications solution that includes not only audio, but video and acoustic capability.

That’s why in April 2007, CON-SPACE, Search Systems and Delsar® Life Detectors joined forces. All are originals in technical search and rescue equipment, and together we provide a completely integrated communications solution to rescue workers.

Global Reach

In October 2009, CON-SPACE joined the Savox Communications Group, a group of global companies focused on providing high performance, professional communication solutions to improve the effectiveness of individuals working in hazardous environments around the world.

The Savox Communications Group incorporates the experience and pedigree of market leading companies and brands such as Savox, Lowe, Iqua, CON-SPACE, SearchCam®, EntryLink™ and Delsar®. It has a focus on serving the Search and Rescue, Police and Security, Military and Outdoor markets across the globe. Combined with locations in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Finland, Luxembourg, North America and China, the Savox Communications Group provides unparalleled worldwide coverage and comprehensive sales and support to all it’s customers.