March 4, 1996

Richmond, B. C. -- Mr. James L. Swanson, Chairman of CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (CCB Vancouver) announced today the receipt of an order from the United States Navy (USN). The equipment purchased will be deployed aboard Naval vessels for the purpose of Sea Trials. "Shore evaluations were successful and now we are moving to the next step," said Swanson.

After many months of working with the U. S. Navy, a decision was made to evaluate CON-SPACE equipment on-board ship under operational conditions. The Equipment will be used in conjunction with supplied air breathing apparatus, currently used by the Navy, for Confined Space entry into shipboard voids for damage control, maintenance and rescue. "The design criteria for shipboard communication equipment is quite unique but our equipment is built for demanding situations like this and will meet the challenge," said Swanson, adding, " We feel very confident about the ultimate success of the sea trials."

The safety of personnel working in shipboard voids and Confined Spaces is a U.S. Navy priority. Recent changes to Naval Safety Regulations require communication between Safety/Air Supply Attendant and the Confined Space Entrant during regular work entries or rescue operations. Navy personnel have difficulty communicating with radios in these areas due to thick steel construction blocking the radio signals. CON-SPACE equipment is not affected in this way as it was specifically designed to provide communication in heavily shielded areas.

CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS is the industry leader in the manufacture of specialized hardline communication and alarm equipment for Confined Space, Hazardous Area Entry and Confined Space Rescue operations. CON-SPACE equipment is widely used by Industry, Municipalities and Fire Department Rescue Teams for communication in heavily shielded areas, such as steel tanks, vessels, sewers and Nuclear Power Plants. All Branches of the U.S. Military currently use CON-SPACE equipment.

"Our objective is a system-wide deployment of CON-SPACE equipment for USN vessels. This is a very exciting turning point in the development of our Company." concluded Swanson.

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