August 14, 1996

Richmond, B. C. -- "CON-SPACE continues to set new milestones!" announced Mr. Terence A. Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD. (VSE/CCB), earlier today when releasing information relative to the company's continued growth in the fire and rescue market. "One in four Fire Departments in the fifty largest cities in the USA now use our Confined Space Rescue Communication Systems, which were created specifically to help Rescue Teams operate safely and more efficiently during Confined Space rescues.

With over 31,000 Fire Departments in the USA alone, CON-SPACE recognised that each one has the potential to be involved when accidents occur in Confined Spaces. The recently introduced US Federal Regulation for Confined Space Entry makes it mandatory for a properly trained and equipped Rescue Team to be available for every one of the thousands of Confined Space entries done daily. This Regulation affects forty or so industries. Local Fire Departments are being called on to provide these rescue services and the process of training and equipping special teams for this unusual environment is taking place now. "Team Work saves lives and good Team Work depends on communication, " said Ibbetson. That is especially true in Confined Spaces and is why CON-SPACE systems have earned a reputation as being "The Rescuer's Choice". They not only perform, they can be relied on!

Rescuers must be able to depend on their equipment and know that it is perfectly safe to be taken into any explosive environment. CON-SPACE equipment is the only equipment of its kind available in North America that was specially designed, tested and certified not to be the cause of ignition in ANY explosive environment.

CON-SPACE manufactures specialized communication and alarm systems for individuals who must work in and around Confined Spaces and hazardous environments and, currently supplies a wide variety of industries such as airlines, petro-chemical, nuclear power, food processing, shipbuilding, and wastewater to name just a few. While some of these industries, support their own Rescue Teams, the majority rely on their local Fire Departments for back-up and rescue services. "We are encouraged with our growth in this area", said Ibbetson, "and have already initiated a program to capitalize on our success in this key market segment".

CON-SPACE is the world leader in the design and manufacture of this specialized equipment. Its sales growth exceeded 30 percent last year and is expected to exceed that this year.

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