(and opens up FLORIDA)

August 21, 1996

Richmond, B. C. -- Metropolitan Dade County, Florida, who recently tendered for over $380,000 worth of CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD. (VSE:CCB) products, announced today that the contract has been awarded to Safety Products Inc. of Eaton Park, Florida, a local CON-SPACE distributor.

Mr. Terry Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., said today "Over the last several months we have worked closely with the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department designing equipment packages to help their work crews be safer and more efficient while working in manholes, water vaults and sewers.

The tender was for over $380,000 of CON-SPACE product, but the overall volume of sales could be considerably more as Ibbetson explained, "This is an interesting contract in that it clearly states "that any County Department or Agency (in the State of Florida) may avail itself of this contract". The contract established purchase prices for a wide range of CON-SPACE products and those prices hold for any one of the thousand plus communities throughout the other 52 counties in Florida, allowing them to purchase CON-SPACE equipment without going through the tendering process. This is an exceptional opportunity as each city has similar needs to Miami!"

CON-SPACE specializes in manufacturing unique communication and alarm equipment for use by those who must work in Confined Spaces and hazardous environments. Its products have become the industry standard for municipalities, general industry, fire department rescue groups and the military. Other major U.S. cities that are currently using the CON-SPACE equipment include San Diego, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Honolulu and Chicago.

CON-SPACE is the world leader in Confined Space communication and alarm equipment.

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