June 18, 1997

RICHMOND, BC - Mr. James L. Swanson, Chairman of Con-Space Communications Ltd., (VSE: CCB) announced today the incorporation of a new British subsidiary, Con-Space Communications (UK) Ltd., to head up the company's activities within Europe.

For over two years CON-SPACE has been developing its presence in the UK as preparation for entry into the balance of the European market. Studies indicated that opening an office in the UK would allow Con-Space to take full advantage of its established base while giving free access to all countries in the European Union (EU). Britain also provides a preferred tax base. The hiring of Mr. Graham Withington in May as National Sales Manager provided the experienced local management needed to guarantee success.

CON-SPACE's new office will be located in Kent and is expected to open July 1st 1997. This will coincide with the beginning of the company's new fiscal year.

"With the creation of Con-Space Communications (UK) Ltd., we are now properly structured to conduct business throughout Europe", said Swanson, adding, "We foresee growth opportunities for Con-Space within all industrialized countries, however, now is the time to concentrate on Great Britain and its partners within the European Union. Our products are unique; they create efficiency, provide mental comfort, and establish a safe working environment in confined spaces. There are just no other products available that solve the needs of this special work force than those manufactured by Con-Space."

CON-SPACE is the world leader in development, manufacture and marketing of specialized voice communication equipment used by industry, municipalities, rescue teams and the military. Personnel use this equipment to improved safety and efficiency when they are required to operate within dangerous environments, hazardous atmospheres, and high noise areas. It allows for communication in a variety of situations, even when wearing breathing apparatus, HAZMAT suits or fire helmets. This equipment has also been responsible for saving many lives.

CON-SPACE is a Canadian company, located in Richmond, British Columbia. It has a United States wholly owned subsidiary, Con-Space Communications Inc.; an international division, Con-Space International; and now the British wholly owned subsidiary, Con-Space Communications (UK) Ltd.

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