November 16, 1998

Trading Symbol VSE: CCB
US SEC Exemption No. 82-3378


RICHMOND, BC - Mr. Terence A. Ibbetson, President, CON-SPACE Communications Ltd., (VSE:CCB) announced today that the company has taken an important step into the future by participating in Safety98 its first virtual trade show, now live on the internet at

This trade show is a major Health and Safety Conference and Exhibition organized by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) on behalf of the United Kingdom Engineering Council. It is in its second year and last year drew 150,000 participants from all over the world. The objective of Safety98 is to raise the profile of engineers and scientists in the health and safety industry. It is handled and promoted like a normal trade show yet entry to Safety98 is free. Target audiences include Safety and Health Professionals in a wide range of industries plus interested persons searching for safety solutions.

As with a normal trade show, technical papers have been submitted to educate and stimulate interaction on a wide range of topics. CON-SPACE was asked to submit a paper on the "value of communication in confined spaces" which can be seen on the site. There are also many exhibitions at the trade show showing the different companies and products available to the safety minded person.

CON-SPACE has a virtual trade booth set up and is expected to be visited by over 200,000 attendees during the course of the show. All are invited to visit the CON-SPACE trade booth and participate in the way of the future.

CON-SPACE designs and manufactures specialized voice communication equipment that is used throughout the world by workers that must enter and work within confined spaces, noisy environments, and hazardous atmospheres. Its products are considered the most acceptable products available in this field today.

The company has offices in England, the United States and Canada. It also has numerous distributors around the world. The company headquarters is in Richmond, BC, Canada and it has a web site at

For more information, please call James L. Swanson, Chairman CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (604) 244-9323, (800) 755-2528 in the U.S., or by e-mail [email protected]

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