CON-SPACE Prepares for ISO-9001

May 18, 1999

Trading Symbol VSE: CCB
US SEC Exemption No. 82-3378

RICHMOND, BC - "Due to the increasing demand for our products and services we find it important to now formally prepare for certification of a complete company Quality Management and Assurance program," announced Mr. James L. Swanson earlier today. Swanson is the Chairman of Richmond based CON-SPACE Communications Ltd., (VSE:CCB).

CON-SPACE has, since its beginning, manufactured its products under a Military Quality Standard, MIL 45208A, and under the Intrinsic Safety Standards for Canada, the United States, and Europe. Its manufacturing facility is regularly audited by each of these country's testing agencies to ensure it maintains the established manufacturing procedures and quality. Now the company is entering into the development of a total corporate wide Quality System. A system that will establish how and why things are done, and establish an appropriate documentation trail for all processes.

"Full registration of ISO-9001 is expected to take eight to twelve months to complete and will involve the entire corporate staff," continued Swanson. "This is an important step in the maturity of CON-SPACE. It says to the world that we are a professional company, with a developed management system in place, and that we design and manufacture consistent quality products."

The ISO standards started some years ago in Europe as a method of creating standards that companies could establish and maintain that would assure their customers that they were professional in the total operation of their companies. The registration of companies to the ISO-9000 series (9001, 9002, and 9003) has become a growing trend in North America over the last 10 years.

As CON-SPACE's business includes the supplying of product throughout the world to Fortune 500 type corporations, Government Agencies, Rescue teams, Militaries, and "Private Labeled" or specially designed items for other manufactures the certification of being an ISO-9001 registered company will establish it as a world class organization.

For more information, please call James L. Swanson, Chairman CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (604) 244-9323, (800) 755-2528 in the U.S., or by e-mail [email protected]

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