Allan Lanzador
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Who Am I? Well I guess in some ways I'm like most human beings and in other ways I'm not. I tend to enjoy a good laugh more than most and never try to take anything so seriously (except for my work of course). Being "laid back and easy going" would probably be an understatement in describing me. Afterall, why should any of us be so uptight and serious all the time? I just don't see the point. Just like I don't see the point of acting like a jerk so I always try to be the "nice guy". Although I do notice sometimes theres truth in that old saying "nice guys finish last". But hey no one can always finish first and we can only be ourselves. That said I enjoy being me and so should everyone else (not being me, being themselves). Sometimes I say too much and other times not enough, but whatever I say I always try to keep meaningful (meaning either entertaining and/or informative). I love my family, friends and the company they give me but I also enjoy the company of myself because we all need those moments of inner peace. I always enjoy meeting new people, especially those I have a lot in common with but who also bring a little something extra to the table. Movies (at home or at the theatre), snowboarding or "jus' chillin" with friends or by myself are my favorite past-times, but I'd certainly like to add more to that list. I've been told that I'm a good listener but I've always considered listening to be a pretty easy thing to do anyway. I always try my best to understand other people, although sometimes I just find certain people to be incomprehensible. I'm glad everyone else on this world is different from each other, unfortunately not everyone can be different in a good way. Sometimes I focus too much on the negative aspects of things, I'll have to work on that or take up being a critic as a career option. I enjoy sports but more on the active side as opposed to being a spectator. I tend to be more of an artistic, creative type rather than the brainy science guy, but I still know 1+1=2. I enjoy any kind of work that allows me to be creative so I am grateful for the job I have as a Marketing Manager and Web Designer. Also, props to LEGO for inspiring my creativity during childhood. When I think of more to say about me, I'll add it in but that's it for the time being.

Now if you're not already bored, I will give you my little insight on life. Like Forrest Gump's mother said, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". Sometimes you flush and sometimes you bust, the trick is to know when to quit and when to go for the gold. Theres nothing wrong with quitting, so long as doing it leads you to success. Like anything else, too much success is bad for you. It breeds envy and hatred because not everyone can be as successful as you. When you come to that road, leave success behind and travel on the path to happiness because in the end, being happy is all that really matters. Life is a constant balance, though we don't always see it but for every action there is a reaction and so every single thing we do has a consequence. Show respect to others even if they have not earned it and pity those who do not respect you for they have no respect for themselves. Humbleness is the path to heaven and pride will only make you blind with arrogance. Be happy about the good things you do but do not take yourself for granted because we never truly know what we deserve. Life itself is a gift from God and everything else we receive in our lives is a blessing. Love your family and friends but yourself as well, otherwise how can you love them? Most importantly, love God for he is the giver of all life and the one who ultimately grants us eternal peace.