Our SearchCams Assist in Joplin Disaster

At CON-SPACE we love to hear from our customers – both positive and negative feedback (although positive is preferred!). Below is an email from Steve Rinehart from the St. Louis Metropolitan Urban Search and Rescue System giving us some insight into what our gear is capable of in the field:
My name is Steve Rinehart and I am a Task Force Leader for the St. Louis Metropolitan Urban Search and Rescue System. Recently we responded two USAR Task Forces (Type 3) to the Joplin area following the F5 tornado. I am happy to say that we used multiple search cameras for full day operations. I don’t think they turned off during our operational periods.

In addition to using the SearchCam 2000, the team also utilized four Delsar Life Detectors round the clock. Chief Rinehart complemented the ability of the Delsar to validate a positive life sign when the search dog made the first “hit”.
If you’ve got a story to share about using a CON-SPACE product we would love to hear from you! Please send any submissions to the attention of Lauren Girdler to [email protected], or post to our Facebook Fanpage. First 3 submission per month will receive a CON-SPACE prize pack.

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