OSHA Regulations On Confined Spaces

Identifies how Con-Space Intercom gear complies with US Department of Labor OSHA Regulations.

Communication To The Rescue

Discusses the risks of confined space rescues, and how continuous communications can mitigate these risks.

Canadian Regulations on Confined Spaces

Identifies how Con-Space Intercom gear complies with Department of Labour, Part XI of the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations Amendment.

US Regulations On Confined Spaces

A compilation of US Government safety standards pertaining to the need for communications equipment during confined space entries.

Hardline Communication Equipment For Confined Space Rescue

Prepared for NFPA Technical Rescue Committee, Confined Space Task Group. Benefit analysis and annotated excerpts of relevant regulations.

Voice Communication: Essential For Work In Confined Space

Discusses how voice communications increase productivity, safety and wellbeing by providing vital human contact in confined space operations.

Hardline Communications: Not Just For Confined Spaces

Outlines technical rescue scenarios where hardline communications have proven valuable. Kit options and equipment configurations are discussed.

Con-Space CSVA Scores High Marks With Department Of Homeland Security

A comparative assessment of portable loudspeaker capabilities, limitations and usability. Conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness, December 2006.

Cost Efficiency Or Safety: Technical Voice Communications Deliver Both

Using actual industry case studies, this article illustrates how investments in enhancing workplace safety need not come at a cost to the bottom line.