Successful Rescues Start With the School

Fire Academies and Rescue Training Schools play a pivotal role in specialized technical rescue operations. The planning, research, development and delivery of quality programs ensure emergency service providers are well prepared to protect life, the environment and property.

CON-SPACE values training schools and is committed to their success by equipping them with reliable, field tested, easy-to-use gear.  We receive valuable feedback from instructors and students that continues to shape the development of our products.

Our Training School Equipment Program ensures training facilities are able to purchase the world's best confined space and technical rescue communications gear at signifncant discounts. We invite your school to join our program.

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Access to The Best

CON-SPACE's four product lines are the eye, ears and voice of first responders around the world have been for almost two decades.  CON-SPACE Hardline, SearchCam, Delsar and CON-SPACE Radio Accessories - now all manufactured by CON-SPACE - are the originals in technical rescue. Time-proven, reliable, field-tested and easy-to-use, our gear is used by FEMA and USAR team throughout North America. Structural Collapse, Confined Space, High Angle, Trench and Rope Rescue, as well as HAZMAT and CBRNE incidents all over the world - we're the specialists in technical rescue.

How it Works

Our Training School Equipment Program is designed to provide schools like yours with reliable, field-tested and easy-to-use gear.  If you already own our equipment, all you need do is register.

If you need to purchase equipment for training, we'll give you wholesale discounts to help equip your schools, or demo gear may also be available for your use.  We provide materials and support in one all-inclusive package to ensure your school remains a leader in confined space and technical rescue training.

You Get

  • Equipment at close to cost and demo gear (subject to availability)
  • Free equipment service and maintenance (you pay freight one-way only)
  • Updates and information sharing on new developments, applications, and product lessons
  • Training materials, photos, DVD's and white papers

We Get

  • Your feedback (priceless!). Product testing and evaluation on our new gear, including:
    • Hardwired Accessories
    • Radio Accessories
    • Voice Amplifiers
    • Search Cameras
    • Acoustic Listening Devices

Register now for our CON-SPACE Training School Equipment Program by completing the form and faxing it back to us at 1-800-546-3410.