July 29, 2002

Trading Symbol CDNX: CCB
US SEC Exemption No. 82-3378

RICHMOND, BC - As the world watched and waited miners and rescue workers struggled to drill a large diameter shaft down to nine trapped men 240 feet below the ground. Confirmation that all nine miners were alive and waiting to be rescued was finally heard as soon as the CON-SPACE "Rescue Probe" was lowered through a six-inch air hole allowing rescuers to talk to the miners.

CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (TSX:CCB) a Richmond, BC, company designed their "Rescue Probe" to provide communication with victims of natural or manmade disasters. Terry Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE, said that, "I am delighted that our equipment was helpful in this rescue effort. In fact, I am tickled pink."

The Company, which has just concluded another year of sales growth, has a history of developing innovative and unique specialty communication products which has earned them a reputation as 'the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of voice communication equipment for hazardous work areas'.

In the past the Company's products have been used in the rescue attempts after the Oklahoma bombing, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon attacks. With their experience at Ground Zero and with over 900 Rescue Teams in North America using their equipment, CON-SPACE is now responding to calls from the Military, from Europe and from other countries concerned with terrorism.

"We are so very, very pleased that we were able to play a small contributing part in the rescue of these men," concluded Ibbetson.

For more information, please call Jim Swanson, Investor Relations, CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (604) 244-9323, (800) 755-2528 in the U.S., or by e-mail [email protected]. "Forward-looking" statements in this release involve risks and uncertainties associated with, among others, economic, industry conditions, technological development, and competition and should not be relied upon as actual results may differ materially from those projected.

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