Aug 19, 2002

Trading Symbol CDNX: CCB
US SEC Exemption No. 82-3378

RICHMOND, BC - Mr. Terence A. Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE Communications Ltd., (TSX-CCB) announced today the receipt of a contract from the British Army for its Hardline Communication equipment worth in excess of $590,000.

"Graham Withington, General Manager of our UK operation introduced this equipment to the British Army over two years ago." said Ibbetson. "Since that time, Graham worked closely with them to determine the best configuration for their specific needs."

The equipment was selected based on evaluations done over the course of many training exercises covering the Department's many special requirements. "This style of testing is familiar ground for CON-SPACE equipment," said Ibbetson, "so we are not surprised that it met the challenge, but we are pleased to be chosen."

CON-SPACE manufactures a variety of specialized voice communication equipment specifically designed to be used in tough situations. Recently, its equipment was used to communicate with the nine miners trapped in the Quecreek Mine, Pennsylvania. Its equipment was also used in search operations at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The Company, based in Richmond BC Canada, has become known as the leader of its industry, because their tough, rugged products do what they claim.

"We are proud that Governments around the world look to CON-SPACE for handling communication in an ever increasing range of dangerous environments," concluded Ibbetson "and we will maintain our efforts to be prepared for their future needs."

For more information, please call Jim Swanson, Investor Relations, CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD., (604) 244-9323, (800) 755-2528 in the U.S., or by e-mail [email protected]. "Forward-looking" statements in this release involve risks and uncertainties associated with, among others, economic, industry conditions, technological development, and competition and should not be relied upon as actual results may differ materially from those projected.

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