June 17, 1996

Richmond, B. C. -- Mr. Terence A. Ibbetson, President of CON-SPACE COMMUNICATIONS LTD. (VSE: CCB) announced today an ever increasing growth of U. S. Military business.

"Just over three years ago CON-SPACE sold its first product to the U. S. Airforce. Since then we have become a supplier not only to the Airforce, but also the Army, Navy and Marines," said Ibbetson. "The U. S. Military has become a major user of our equipment."

The CON-SPACE Communication and Alarm products were specifically designed to operate in the harsh environments of both industry and the military. As a result, the company has built a reputation for supplying tough, unique items which get the job done. This specialized communication equipment allows workers and, if necessary, rescuers to have complete hands-free, two-way communication when operating in noisy, explosive, confined or underground locations. Locations in which conventional communication equipment does not work.

Many municipalities, nuclear facilities, manufacturers, chemical and petroleum refineries, government agencies, militaries, fire departments and rescue teams throughout North America, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong are now using CON-SPACE equipment. The Canadian Airforce has recently standardized on this equipment for use during fuel cell entry work.

"Over the last few months we have been receiving substantially more military orders and though we are working on some future projects with them, it is nice to see the "bread and butter" business increase," concluded Ibbetson.

CON-SPACE is considered to be the leader of this specialized industry.

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