Product The Delsar USAR Kit

The New Delsar USAR Kit combines the Delsar Life Detector Six Sensor System and the Delsar Victim Simulator, together in one ready to deploy case.

The DVS-100 (Delsar Victim Simulator) is an excellent training tool for victim search and rescue, but also doubles as a valubale calibration unit for the Delsar's Seisimc Sensors for use on different surface materials.

Used by FEMA, UKSAR, USAR, SUSAR and rescue teams from around the world, the Delsar USAR Kit is a seismic/acoustic listening device used to detect and locate live victims trapped in:

  • Collapsed structures caused by earthquakes
  • Explosions
  • Landslides
  • Mine disasters or cave-ins

The Delsar USAR Kit converts the entire collapsed structure into a large sensitive microphone that transmits noises from entombed victims.  The seismic and acoustic sensors convert vibrations created by the live victim into audible and visual signals. The Delsar is rugged, reliable and able to withstand days of continuous use at the disaster site.


Delsar USAR Kit - Features

  • Easy-to-Read Clear Display Panel
  • Equipped with up to 6 Sensors
  • View simultaneously the strength from all sensors to ID the strongest signal
  • Noise Reducing Filters for better audio quality
  • Record last five minutes of audio
  • Twin Headphone Jacks
  • Lithium Ion Batteries compatible with SearchCam 3000
  • Delsar Victim Simulator DVS-100


 Delsar Life Detector – LD3 Specifications

Control Console  
Sensor Inputs 2 strings
Seismic Sensor 6
Acoustic Sensor 2
Visual Display Up to all six sensors simultaneously
Audio Output 2 headphone outputs
Audio Selection 0-6 sensors, audio response is summed, stereo output can be selected with any 2 sensors
Frequency Range  1 Hz - 3000 Hz
Filter range  
Low High pass, 100 Hz>
AC Notch 50/60 Hz
High Low pass, 600 Hz <
Record Capacity

300 second loop, indexed to 15 second blocks

Auxiliary Output Provides audio, chart recorder and remote control function capability  
Seismic Sensor  
Position sensitivity Can be used in any position
Sealing IP67 (water and dust tight)
Shock resistant >1000g
Freq. response 1 Hz to 3000 Hz
Acoustic Sensor  
Sealing IP67 (water and dust tight), microphone must be dry for operation
Freq. response 200 Hz to 3000 Hz
Options Telescoping Probe
Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion tube pack
Endurance 2 - 6 hours depending on number of sensors  
Recharge time 3 hours
Charger Pwr 12 VDC (vehicle charging) 110-220 VAC
Batt. Options Disposable Lithium cells (CR123) with adapter Searchcam 2.5 Ahr/5 Ahr SLA belt pack with adapter cable
Control Console 6"W x 5"H x 3.25"D (152 mm x 127mm x 83 mm)
Weight 2.2 lbs (1Kg) with rechargeable battery
Seismic Sensor 3.5" Diameter x 2.6" H (89 mm  x 66 mm)
Weight 16.5 oz (.466Kg)
Acoustic Sensor 1.625"D x 6"L (41mm x 152mm)
Sensor Cable Length 30.2 feet (10M)
Case 32" L x 21" W x 12" D (81cm x 53cm x 31cm)
Weight (loaded) 45 lbs (20.4Kg)
Victim Simulator  
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