Product Mass Decon Kit

“Communications between the DU (Decon Unit) and the clean zone as well as between persons wearing PPD (Personal Protective Equipment) is virtually impossible without radios.”
- Chemical Hazards & Poison Reports May 2005

“Communications is always an issue (in Mass Decontaminations) and is something we need to address... panic is contagious. Crowds will dictate the success or failure of a mass decon incident.”
- Rob Schnepp, HazMat Expert

Suitable for Nine + Personnel

The Mass Decon Kit is designed for:

  • Mass Decon
  • CBRNE Incidents
  • HazMat
  • Crowd Control
  • Triage
  • Treatment

The Mass Decon Kit provides first responders, hospital triage and security personnel with a two-way voice communications system used to manage large crowds and conduct a mass decontamination. Level A, B & C suits restrict voice commands. The Mass Decon Kit is equipped with push-to-talk radio/ voice amplifiers, stand alone voice amplifiers and push-to-talk radio accessories

Hospital personnel equipped with voice amplifiers can calmly assess and communicate with patients. When combined with a bull horn, first responders can address large crowds, manage security and maintain calm and order.

All our equipment is waterproof and can be decontaminated.


Mass Decon Kit Features

  • Water & Dust Proof
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Easy to Operate
  • Interoperable with most radios
  • Works with any PPE Suite

Mass Decon Kit Specifications

Type of Product Radio Voice Amplifier Voice Amplifier Voice Amplifier
Type of Microphone Interchangeable Interchangeable Interchangeable
Speaker Material Mylar Mylar n/a
Speaker Freq. Resp. 450 Hz to 9 Hz 450 Hz to 9 Hz n/a
Push-to-Talk Tactile n/a Either available
Self-Powered Yes Yes n/a
Battery Type 3 x 1.5 V- AA cells 3 x 1.5 V- AA cells n/a
Battery Life 40/200 40/200 n/a
Operate Stby      
Weight 13.7 oz/390g 13.7 oz/390g 7.1 oz/202g
Cable Pull Strength 69 kg/31g 69 kg/31g 69 kg/31g
Colours Matte Black Matte Black Matte Black
Operating Temp -20 C to 40 C -20 C - 40 C -20 C - 40 C
Output Sound 84 dB 84 dB n/a
Level Speech      
Water Resistance Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Mounting Yes Yes Yes
ROHS Compliance Yes Yes Yes
IP Compliance Yes, IP-57 TBA Yes, IP-57
EMC Compliance Yes TBA TBA
Warranty 18 mos 18 mos 18 mos
Part Number 1920-03-000 1921-03-000 1926-00-001


Mass Decon Kit Technical Comparison

Function Rescue Kit 1P Rescue Kit 3 Rescue Kit 5P USAR Task Force Kit Victim Locator Kit Structural Collapse Bomb Disposal Kit Enhanced Mass Decon Kit
Mine Rescue
Application Standard Basic Enhanced Multi-Purpose Basic Standard Enhanced Basic
Total Number of Users 5 3 6 Multi-User 1 3 9+ 3
Number of Entrants 4 2 4 4   2    
Number of Safety Attendants /Hole Watch 1 1 2 2 1 1    
Entrant Distance(ft) 100 100 100 300 25 100 75 1500
Number of 100' Cables w/Connectors 4 1 4 12   1    
Number of 75' Cables             1  
Number of 50' Cables w/Connectors 1   1 1        
Number of 1000' Cables               1
Probe Interface Cable 25ft        1 1      
Rescue Probe       Yes Yes      
Operator Headset(s) (Behind the Head) Single 1 1 2 1   1   1
Operator Headset(s) (Behind the Head) Double       1 1      
Entrant Comms Sets  4 2 4 4   2   2
Mic Mute Capability  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes    
CSI-1100 Mini Module ***   Yes   Yes Yes Yes    
CSI-2100 Command Module * Yes     Yes       Yes
Power Talk Box Yes   No Yes Yes     Yes  
Power Talk Box Controller       Yes     Yes  
Cable Splitter w/Double Mic Switch 1 N/A            
Cable Single Splitter    1       1    
Cable Coiler 1   1 1        
Line Management - Umbilical Covers++ no  no no 4 colours         
Cable Reel               1
SRVA             4  
CSVA             3  
SR65M             2  

 Enhanced Mass Decon Kit Customers

  • Memorial Medical Center, Savannah GA
  • Fallbrook Hospital District, Fallbrook CA
  • Community Hospital, Clarion PA
  • Meadowcrest Hospital, Saia Gretna LA
  • Medical Center Of Southeast Texas, Port Arthur TX
  • Mary Rutan Hospital, Bellefontaine OH
  • Advance Cleanup Technologies, Bakersfield CA
  • Rideout Memorial, Marysville CA
  • Chestnut Hill Hospital Lab, Philadelphia PA
  • Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau AK
  • Carlisle Hospital, Carlisle PA 17015-9129
  • City Of San Diego, San Diego CA
  • Kiowa County Emergency, Greensburg KS


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