Product SearchCam Recon II


The SearchCam Recon II has been discontinued and will be replaced by the
NEW SearchCam Recon III.

Please visit the Recon III page to view this product.

We will continue to service the Recon II until January 2016.


SearchCam Recon II Technical Comparison

Model Recon II Recon III SC3000  Mongoose
Primary Use Victim location/extrication, video search   Victim location/extrication, video search   Victim location/extrication, video search   Victim location/extrication, video search  
Interchangeable Camera head options No No YES ( Colour & Infra Red)  No
Colour Yes Yes YES  Yes
ON Screen Function Menu  Yes Yes YES  Yes
Monitor/Display 5" (12.7 cm) TFT-LCD 5" (12.7 cm) TFT-LCD 5" (12.7 cm) TFT-LCD 5" (12.7 cm) TFT-LCD
Picture Rotation Yes (camera head can be rotated)   No Yes Monitor can be Rotated  No
Water Resistant Yes Yes YES Submersible  Yes
Adjustment high/low (112 feet in zero light) HIGH to LOW to OFF 6 Step variable Lighting  high/low (6 feet in zero light)
Multiple Monitor Support No No Yes  No
Video Out - Component  No No Yes with cable  No
Video Out - other  No No No  No
Video In  No No No  No
Integrated Audio at Camera Head  No No Yes  No
Audio Volume Control No No Yes  No
Ability to talk to victim (two way) No No Yes  No
Recording Media - Video No No Yes - HCSD Card  NO 
Recording Rescuer Voice Notes No No Yes  No
Recording Victim Audio No No Yes  No
Battery Type Dry Lead Acid  Li-ion Li-ion Dry Lead Acid 
Endurance 3 hours 2 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Recharge Time    2 hours 90%  1 hour -90%   
Temperature Range  10~140 degrees(-12C to 60C) 10~140 degrees(-12C to 60C)  10~140 degrees(-12C to 60C)  10~140 degrees(-12C to 60C)
Water Resistance - VDU Yes Yes Yes Yes
Water Proof Camera Head No Yes Submersible to 100ft  Yes
Immersion No  Yes Yes  No 
Weight 4.5 lbs - 2.04 kg (excluding battery)   8lbs(including batteries)  3 lbs - 1.36 kg (excluding battery)
Case 39x18x7 53” x 16” x 6” (135 x 41 x 15cm) 53x17x6 unless it changes  28x1+x8
On Screen Graphics Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Camera Head Position on Screen No No - on camera body Yes No
Left/Right Limits No Yes Yes  No
Automatic Centre Stop No No Yes No
Illumination Yes 16 High Output LED’s Backlight  Yes
Low Battery Warning  Yes Yes Yes  Yes
One Hand Operation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silent Operation  Yes Yes Quiet ( Not Silent ) Yes
Articulation  180 degrees  240degrees 240degrees 120 degrees 
Type of Articulation mechanical / remote mechanical / remote electric / remote mechanical / remote
Articulation Control  Manual Ring  Drive Collar w/ Camera Position Indicator Pistol Grip - Fingertip Control Trigger Style
Headset No No Yes - Noise Cancelling - Behind Head Design  No
Shoulder Strap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cable Reel  No No Option - Yes No
Cable Probe Style of operation  No No Option - Yes No
Extension Cables  No No Yes  No
Pole Sets        
Standard Tube Set  45" - 1.14 m 43” - 56.5” (109-143.5cm 14"- 78" 22" - 56 cm
Long Tube Set  3m No 48.5" - 168" NO
Breaching System Yes No Yes Yes
Technical Advantages  Simple, Rugged Manual Articulation Mechanism, Quality Image   Cichy Drive Clutch Manual Articulation Mechanism Powered Articulation, Solid Construction, Clutched gearbox  Solid Construction, Rugged, Reliable,LED Lighting

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