Feel free to download our FAQ's in pdf format.


  • Can I buy parts to repair my equipment? [see answer]
    For international customers we will sell parts because of the difficulty to send equipment in for repair. For North America we do not, but please call our service department for more details.


  • I have a few cable reels with 300’feet of cable each. Do I need to send them in for repair?[see answer]
    If it is just the connector damaged, we could send the connectors to be repaired by the customer. The shipping cost would not justify the repair cost.
  • When should I service my equipment? [see answer]
    Yes, all of our old and new hardline equipment are interchangeable.
  • Can I send in my hardline equipment with my Scott equipment?[see answer]
    No, it should be separated.
  • My command module no longer powers up ... [see answer]
    Most likely it’s the outer battery cap. In the cap there is a piece of insulation, to prevent the batteries being placed backward and blowing the fuse. But in some cases if the cap is screwed in too tight, the battery will rest on the insulation instead of the contact. With the command module on, just turn back the cap while wearing a headset, and hear it come on.
  • What are the fittings for the air hose on your cable reels? [see answer]
    They are 1/2" NPT female threads. NPT stands for “National Standard Pipe”. We do not supply the fittings, but these should be easily found at any hardware store.
  • Our hardline cables no longer fit well ... [see answer]
    With use of our cables, dirt and grime will get into the female black connector and dry out the O-Ring. Clean the connector and O-ring, and add some silicon grease on the ring. You can also order extra rings from us.
  • Can we buy spare parts? [see answer]
    Yes, but with a warning… Any external hygiene items can be replaced by the end user, but any parts that require wiring into a cable, PC board or electrical in general must be done by an authorised factory technician. Anything else may result in a lost of all I.S. approval and warranty.
  • When should I check the batteries? [see answer]
    Once a month is good time to check the batteries for power loss or corrosion.
  • Can I fix my own equipment? [see answer]
    It is highly NOT RECOMMENDED to repair you own equipment. Our equipment is I.S. approved and only a factory-trained technician can repair or service the equipment without affecting the approval or warranty.
  • Can I return my order? [see answer]
    Only under special circumstances, and a re-stocking fee may apply.
  • What is the maximum length of cable that can be sold? [see answer]
    1500 feet is the maximum length that we will provide. It is an IS approval issue if we sell a longer cable length than that. If an end user is in trouble, 1500 feet gives just enough time for someone to get to the end of the cable and rescue the worker. Anything longer is adding time that the end user cannot spare.
  • Why doesn’t the Command Module alarm work when I press the red button on the headset? [see answer]
    There is no speaker in the command module itself. You will have to purchase a separate Alarm Module for that function. The red button on the headset is a standard option on all headsets. It will only work if an Alarm module is connected to a Command Module. The CSI-1100 mini module has a built-in alarm speaker and the headset will trigger the alarm if needed.
  • Do I need an Alarm Module? [see answer]
    The alarm module is needed if the operator or other teams are not constantly listening to each other or if an end user is left on their own.

Radio Gear

  • Can I buy radio cables from you so I can install them myself into our radio accessory [see answer]
    No, you cannot buy any radio cables separately form us. It would violate any I.S. or ATEX requirements.
  • If I buy a new radio, can you change the radio cable on you unit to match the new version? [see answer]
    Yes. You will just have to pay for the new cable and the labour to install it.
  • Can I change a Throat Mic for a Boom Mic on your SR65i? [see answer]
    Yes you can.*Note that SR65i is no longer in production and the newly SR65M has replaced it. The “M” version can work with a number of mic/hearing accessories.
  • I made a mistake in ordering a radio cable. Will I be charged? [see answer]
    If it is within the warranty period, and the correct cable is equal or less in price of the incorrect one, there will be no charge.
  • I just received your new SR65M’s for my radios and they don’t work at all. Why did this happen? [see answer]
    We build our wireless accessories to the radio manufacturer’s schematics, and though the majority is correct, there are some wiring set ups that leave out detail that can make it incompatible. We will repair all units under warranty if not working when received.
  • I always accidentally turn the Push to Talk button on the SR65M when I’m working out in the field. How do I stop that? [see answer]
    You can purchase a switch guard (Part # 0103-01-032) to prevent the button being pressed by mistake.
  • The quick disconnect it not long enough for me. What can be done? [see answer]
    You can get an extension cable from us (Part# 0302-99-001).
  • I own a bunch of Scott EZ radiocoms, but they are not suited for my application exactly. Can you help us out? [see answer]
    We can convert those units to a number of configurations to suit your need, including coiled to straight cable, adding an extra quick disconnect, or to have you radio active when anything is disconnected. *note Scott must be involved with any repair or modifications or payment.
  • My application is at sea, and my SR65M always seems to key up by itself. What's going on? [see answer]
    Sometime salt water will enter the unit through the remote PTT jack, and trigger the radio. Just plug up the jack with a rubber stopper that we supply.
  • What is a SRVA and CSVA? [see answer]
    They are both voice amplifiers, but the SRVA is both an amp and a wireless radio accessory with an external speaker and microphone, while the CSVA is just an amplifier.
  • Someone told me your equipment is waterproof. Is that true? [see answer]
    No. Our Radio Gear highly water resistant in the proper use of the application, but not water proof. It should be worn like a radio, and water should drench it without any issues.

Delsar, Entrylink, Searchcam

  • My Searchcam 2000 camera will not focus, can I fix it myself? [see answer]
    Yes. There is a tiny set screw that holds the lens into the camera housing, and it may have gotten loose. Remove the camera head housing, push back the lens and tighten the screw.
  • My system is about 15 years old. Will you still fix it? [see answer]
    Our mission statement is to support our customers by any mean possible and though we do not guarantee a fix for very old equipment, we will look at all equipment and try to come up with a solution.
  • I live in Europe, what information do you need to buy parts? [see answer]
    We will need part numbers, descriptions, photos, and the reason why this part is needed.* Note only a few parts can be sold, such as cables and batteries, other accessories. We do not sell full assemblies such as camera heads, pistol grips, or extension rods. The only product that assemblies are sold separately is the Searchcam 3000.
  • Do you have any training courses available? [see answer]
    Please visit http://www.con-space.com/training/training for training information or contact your sales representative.
  • I thought I ordered another monitor with my order and I don’t see it here. Where is it? [see answer]
    Because of the many people involved in purchasing and invoicing with distributors, reps, sales people, and customer service, sometimes your order may get confused between the initial phone call and to when it is received. Always double check your sales quote against your invoice and then against the equipment to check for discrepancies. The sales quote must be agreed by the customer before any invoicing.
  • Can we purchase spare parts? [see answer]
    Yes. We do allow our customers to purchase spare parts with the exception of a few parts that are difficult to install. Please call Service to order spare parts or contact your sales representative.
  • How long should our batteries last? [see answer]
    The battery charge for each system is different based on the type of battery and the amount of use. Batteries should ideally be replaced every 5 years. Below is a listing of the batteries for each system and their runtime based on normal use and a full charge.
  • The video display unit on my camera is not working. What can be causes this? [see answer]
    There are several factors that may be causing your display to not have a picture. Please verify that the cable is fully connected to your system and that the lemo connector at the end of the cable is not twisted, bent, or damaged. Twisting the lemo will cause a bad connection and no picture. If you have several of our systems, the display can be cross checked to ensure that it is the display that is faulty and not the system. If the cable is fully connected and the display is cross checked and no picture is still seen, please contact Service to obtain a RA number and return your display for repair. Some issues can be resolved in the field. Call service and ask to speak with a repair technician.
  • Why won’t my Searchcam 2000 system articulate? [see answer]
    There are several factors that can be causing this. Most likely the gears or the coupler have become worn or broken due to normal wear and tear or from the head being manually articulated. This problem can not be remedied in the field and the system must be returned to the Search Systems Bakersfield office. Please contact Service to obtain and RA number.
  • Are your systems waterproof? [see answer]
    The Searchcam 3000 camera head with the environmental sleeve is waterproof and can be submersed in up to 100 feet of water. The EntryLink EL 350 camera is waterproof and can be fully submersed in water for cleaning and decontamination.The Searchcam 1000, 2000, Mongoose, Recon II and Delsar are all water resistant and are water proofed for rain. The Searchcam camera heads can be submersed under water for short periods of time. It is recommended that all of our systems be kept as dry as possible and dried immediately if they are exposed to water. Please do not store your system in its case while wet.
  • My sales representative could not answer my questions. Is there a technical support line? [see answer]
    Yes, please contact our service department and ask to speak to a service technician. If they are unavailable or it is after hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) they will return your call within 24 hour on the next business day.
  • My system is 10 or more years old. Can it still be serviced? [see answer]
    Yes, please contact our service department and ask to speak to a service technician. If they are unavailable or it is after hours (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) they will return your call within 24 hour on the next business day.