Confined Space Entry

Establishing Communications with the Victim

The Challenge:

When portable radios fail − below grade, around obstacles and in heavy metal environments − establishing communications with a trapped victim in a confined space requires a hardline communication system.

The Solution:

CON-SPACE’s Power Talk Box or Rescue Probe can be quickly and easily lowered during a confined space entry to establish communications with the victim and assess their condition. These hardline systems provide continuous, two-way communications between the victim and the confined space rescue team.

The Searchcam 3000’s detachable waterproof camera head can also be lowered up to 100 feet to give first responders a clear picture of the situation.

First Responders Also Use:



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Dear Sirs, please we are looking for a unit same or similar a modelos PAGER III MSA, five units

Charles Castro


Mine Rescue Video

We do have some video systems for Victim Location in a structural collapse or wireless video for Hazmat, however we do not have any video options that are MSHA Rated. Therefore the systems we do have are not allowable in a mine.



mine rescue equipment

hi,do you have any other communication system that can transfer viedo signal?

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