Product CSVA

The CSVA is designed for:

  • Mass Decontamination
  • CBRNE Incidents
  • HazMat
  • Technical Rescue
  • High Noise Environments
  • Tactical Response
  • Face Masks, Level A, B, C Suits

The CSVA is a portable, hands-free voice amplifier.  No radio required: the CSVA comes with either a Throat Mic or Boom Mic that transmits the user’s voice regardless of what type of protective suit or hood is worn.

Doctors, nurses, security and other hospital triage workers wearing the CSVA find that it greatly improves person-to-person communications with each other and with patients.  The CSVA amplifies the voice while speaking in normal tones, making it easier to maintain crowd control and improve safety.

The CSVA comes paired with either a Throat Mic or Boom Mic, (the Mic is worn underneath a face mask and/or protective suit; the CSVA is worn outside the suit) and will transmit voices in any type of noise environment. 

CSVA Features

  • Water & Dust Proof – washed & decontaminated
  • Rugged, reliable
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Easy to operate
  • No radio required
  • Works with any PPE suit
  • Operates for up to 48 hours

CSVA Accessories

Hospital Decon

  • Hospital Decon Communications Upgrade Kit
  • Universal Tip
  • Ear Loop
  • Spare Ear Tips (Bag of 20)
  • Speaker Harness
  • Velcro Straps 8"
  • Speaker Pads - Bag of 5
  • PTT Switch Guard Kit
  • Adjustable Lanyard w/Breakaway & Buckle
  • SR65 Carry Bag
  • Accessory Bag - Mesh 8 X10


  • Face Mask Speaker Pouch
  • MSA Sordin Supreme Speaker Cable
  • Throat Mic Strap - Velcro
  • Throat Mic Strap w/Buckle
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo & PTT on Front
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo & PTT on Back


  • SR65 Carry Bag
  • Accessory Bag - Mesh 8 x 10
  • The Bulldog Heavy Duty Headset - Single Sided
  • The Bulldog Heavy Duty Headset -  Double Sided
  • The Sidewinder Lightweight Headset
  • The Bullet - Ultra Lightweight Headset
  • The Trigger  Remote PTT Ring Switch
  • The Silence  Remote PTT Velcro Switch


CSVA Specifications

Type of Product Voice Amplifier
Type of Microphone Interchangeable
Speaker Material  Mylar
 Speaker Freq. Resp.  450 Hz to 9 Hz
 Push-To-Talk  n/a
 Self-Powered  Yes
 Battery Type  3 x 1.5 V - AA cells
 Battery Life Operation/Standby  40/200
 Weight  13.7 oz/390g
 Cable Pull Strength  69kg/31g
 Colours  Matte Black
 Operating Temp  -20 C - 40 C
 Output Sound  84 db
 Level Speech  
 Water Resistance  Yes
 Adjustable Mounting  Yes
 ROHS Compliance  Yes
 IP Compliance TBA
 EMC Compliance  TBA
 Warranty  18 months
Part Number 1921-03-000


 CSVATechnical Comparison

Function SR65M SRVA CSVA Phantom MKll       Throat Mic 
Application  Push-to-Talk/Voice Amplifier  Voice Amplifier/Push-to-Talk Voice Amplifier Push-to-Talk Throat Mic
Total Number of Users 1 1 1 1
Intrinsically Safe Approved Yes No Yes No
Speech/Hearing Options

Bulldog Headset
Bullet Headset
Sidewinder Headset
Talon Throat Mic

Bulldog Headset
Bullet Headset
Sidewinder Headset
Talon Throat Mic

Boom Mic

Throat Mic


Over Ear Speaker
Tactical Speaker
Behind Ear Speaker

Battery Life in Hours

* Includes Power Talk Box 200hrs

NA 40/200 40/200 NA
Requires Radio Interface Cables Yes Yes NA Yes
Water Resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes

CSVA Customers

  • Saint Anthony Regional Hospital
  • Southampton Memorial Hospital
  • Providence Hospital Downtown
  • Mission Hospital
  • Tennessee Valley Health Care
  • Hilton Head Regional Medical Center
  • Shands Hospital Jacksonville
  • Baptist Hospital of Miami
  • Imperial Point Medical Center
  • VA Medical Center
  • Imperial Point Medical Center
  • Northwest Medical Center
  • Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center
  • Montgomery County Memorial Hospital
  • Florida Hospital Heartland
  • Plantation General Hospital
  • City Of Bowling Green
  • Ninnescah Valley Health Systems
  • Pitt County Memorial Hospital
  • St. George’s University
  • Gunnison Valley Hospital
  • Darnell Army Community Hospital
  • Cincinnati VA Medical Center
  • Allegheny County EMA
  • South Georgia Medical Center
  • Reading Berks Fire Training
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Elizabeth Police Department
  • Berks County Emergency Management
  • Des Moines Police Department
  • Neshannock Police Department
  • Madison County EMA
  • Harrison Memorial Hospital


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