Product Phantom

The Phantom Throat Mic is designed for:

  • Covert Ops
  • Drug Lab Takedowns
  • Military Operations
  • Surveillance
  • Swat Teams
  • Tactical Response

Never Hunt for the Push-to-Talk Switch Again

The Phantom MK ll combines a throat mic and push-to-talk switch into one seamless function.  Designed specifically for military and law enforcement, this radio accessory can be worn under facemasks, breathing apparatus or discretely underneath clothing.

The Phantom MK ll works in any type of situation from whisper-quiet covert operations to noisy weapons exchange.  It comes with a variety of hearing options depending on the user’s preference.

The push-to-talk switch is located on the rear of the throat mic housing, underneath the strap, where it is easily located and activated.

*A Radio Interface Cable must be ordered with the Phantom MK ll Throat Mic

Phantom Features

  • Water & Dust Proof
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Interoperable with most radios
  • Use with any make or model of facemask or breathing apparatus
  • Easy to activate push-to-talk button
  • Sublime and covert
  • Variety of speaker options

Phantom Accessories

Hospital Decon

  • Hospital Decon Communications Upgrade Kit
  • Universal Tip
  • Ear Loop
  • Spare Ear Tips (Bag of 20)
  • Speaker Harness
  • Velcro Straps 8"
  • Speaker Pads - Bag of 5
  • PTT Switch Guard Kit
  • Adjustable Lanyard w/Breakaway & Buckle
  • SR65 Carry Bag
  • Accessory Bag - Mesh 8 X10


  • Face Mask Speaker Pouch
  • MSA Sordin Supreme Speaker Cable
  • Throat Mic Strap - Velcro
  • Throat Mic Strap w/Buckle
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo & PTT on Front
  • Throat Mic Strap (Velcro) Grey Logo & PTT on Back


  • SR65 Carry Bag
  • Accessory Bag - Mesh 8 x 10
  • The Bulldog Heavy Duty Headset - Single Sided
  • The Bulldog Heavy Duty Headset -  Double Sided
  • The Sidewinder Lightweight Headset
  • The Bullet - Ultra Lightweight Headset
  • The Trigger  Remote PTT Ring Switch
  • The Silence  Remote PTT Velcro Switch


Phantom Specifications

Type of Product Microphone
Type of Microphone Propietary
Mic Sensitivity -31 +/-6dB pk*
Mic Operating Voltage 1.3 to 10 VDC
Mic Operating Current <500uA
Mic Freq Response 300 Hz to 4kHz
Speaker Single/Double Single/Various
Speaker Sensitivity Accessory Dependant
Speaker Element Accessory Dependant
Frequency Response  
Speaker Impdence 77 to 88 Ohm-
Presented to radio Accessory Dependant
Headband Material Rubber
Ear Cushion n/a
Weight 1.5 / 42
Cable Pull Strength 85 / 38
Colours Matte Black
Helmet Compatible Yes
Face Mask Compatible Yes
EnviroSuit Compatible Yes
Water resistance Yes
Adjustable Mounting Yes
ROHS Compliance Yes
Warranty 18 mos
Part Number 1950-00-000


Phantom Downloads

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