Andy’s World – A New Headset

 When CON-SPACE started out, our mission was to help people communicate in hazardous environments.  Our Hardline System was originally developed for maintenance techs working inside aircraft fuel cells.  They had no way of communicating with crew chief on the outside other than banging on the walls or yelling through their masks.
Recently we’ve been focused on communications issues that arise during Hazmat/CBRNE incidents.  Our SRVA and CSVA voice amplifiers allow first responders and hospital workers the ability to communicate underneath Level A, B or C PPE. Crowd control, patient/practitioner, security and inter-team communications are just some of the ways our voice amplifiers are being used. 
Part of addressing our customers issues in mass de-con, it became apparent that PAPRS - Powered Air Purifying Respirators, especially hoods, pose a communications issue.  When wearing a PAPR, it’s difficult to communicate with the person next to you let alone over a radio. We set out to design a headset that could be worn comfortably with standard PAPR hoods and helmets/visor types. 
Once we built some prototypes and took them into the field for testing, we realized that with a minor design change the headset could be used with hardhats, helmets, baseball or bump caps.
 The final product?  A good quality, inexpensive headset that does all of the above – we’re calling it “The Hanger Headset”… when you see it you will know why… 

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