With great sadness I have been following the events in Haiti. Dark times like these tend to put a spotlight on the efforts of our brothers and sisters in the rescue community.  I would personally like to thank all the brave men and women who are currently working hard to help the people of Haiti.
It is unfortunate that the only time we get to really see the end result of our collective efforts is in the wake of a tragedy such as this. However for the people of this organization there is feeling of great satisfaction in seeing the products we work on every day help to save lives.
The thoughts and prayers of everyone here at CON-SPACE go out to all those individuals and family’s injured or lost during this horrific event. 
News Links:
CNN Video - Searching for Survivors
YouTube Video - Haiti Rescue Tools Used Daily in GR
NYPD-FDNY Rescue Team Frees Four People From Rubble in Haiti
Local Urban Rescue Teams Monitoring Hait Search Operations
Hope Emerges from the Ruins of a Haiti Supermarket




Searchcam recoverings

Chilean USAR Task Force, recovered at least 3 bodies, from UN Montana Hotel at Port áu Prince, using Searchcam 2000 equipment.

Cristian Cifuentes
Santiago, Chile

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