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Posted Monday June 28

This month I had the opportunity to go to Leipzig, Germany for Interschutz, which is the biggest Fire / Rescue Exhibition in the world.  We had fantastic response and feedback on the international debut of the Searchcam 3000, new Delsar configuration, and updated configurations of the Hardline systems. We also had a chance to showcase our larger corporate presence in cooperation with our sister company Savox Communications headquartered in Finland. It was great get acquainted and re-acquainted with many of our international customers, distributors and friends in the industry.
As luck would have it, the town of Leipzig was hosting a festival the same week as the show.  The CON-SPACE contingent consisted of Nick White, Alan Jakobsen, Martin Carsky and myself.  With some help from our Finnish compatriots and fellow Canadians from Globe Manufacturing, our nights were spent nursing sore trade show feet and with a few beverages at the Leipzig Hof beer garden.
Probably the greatest achievement this month was donating some of our SR65M radio accessory products to the Georgia Fire Fighters Burn Foundation to assist in their great efforts and camp for kids. The work they do is truly inspirational and I am proud to have been able to provide them with gear they can utilize.

Posted Monday June 21

CON-SPACE Communications is pleased to announce some important changes to the Delsar® LD3 Family of products. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and using this feedback to continually upgrade our products. These changes will be in all LD3 products being ordered after May 17th, 2010.

  1. Compact Pelican Case
    Space on rescue vehicles is always at a premium therefore we have reduced the size of the LD3-2, -4, -6 pelican case to that of the second generation LDC-9197. The pelican case measures (L x W x D) 24.25" x 19.43" x 8.68" (61.6 cm x 49.3 cm x 22 cm). The smaller compact design has been carefully confi gured to fi t all the components plus the important Delsar® Victim Simulator. Now upgrading from the LDC to the LD3 will not require any reconfi guration of space on the Rescue Teams Vehicle/Trailer.
  2. Acoustic Sensors Upgrade
    The Acoustic Sensor #1 and Optional Acoustic Sensor #2 have been upgraded to use the Probe Extensions of the new SearchCam® 3000. There are two lengths available plus an extension handle. These probe handles are less expensive compared to the original Delsar® Telscoping Tube Set and double duty with any purchased SearchCam® 3000.

    a. Standard Tube Set 6010-01-000
         i. Collapsed 25¾ in 65.5 cm
         ii. Fully Extended 78 in 198 cm

    b. Long Tube Set 6010-01-001
        i. Collapsed 48½ in 127.5 cm
        ii. Fully Extended 168 in 427 cm

    c. Extension Tube* 6010-01-002
        i. Fixed Length 40¾ in 103.5 cm
    *must be used with Standard or Long Tube Set

  3. Structure Change to LD3 Console
    A structural change has been made to the LD3 Console Housing to remove the possibility of the LED Panel bending or becoming distorted during transport.
  4. Appearance Change for Sensors
    The color has changed to CON-SPACE orange to tie into our Hardline Product Family look and feel.

Thank you for your continued support of the CON-SPACE Family of Rescue Products and we look forward to being your supplier of high quality gear.
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Posted Monday May 31

It has been another crazy month with lots going on in the company and in the field. We just wrapped up on a new plan for global distribution of our products and are working on some new and exciting product ideas. This month I had a lot of fun going to Texas and hanging out during the TEEX Technical Search Training program. I was made welcome by all the folks at TEEX and it was great to spend some quality time listening to our customers and making copious notes on their comments, criticisms and ideas on how we can improve current products and build future products. That really is the best part of my job, I get to drive the process of turning  ideas into reality.

Adding to that, some of our gear (the SearchCam 3000 and Delsar) were used in the final episode of HOUSE…although the appearance of the equipment was brief and a considerable amount of theatrical license allowed  Hugh Laurie to find the victim, when the USAR team failed.  It was a neat experience for our employees to see our equipment in action. 

Next month, I am going to Leipzig, Germany for the Interschutz exposition, the biggest Fire Rescue trade fair in the world. I am sure I will have some interesting news on that for my next blog.