Con-Space News

Posted Thursday May 6

Another FDIC show in Indy has come and gone. On Monday and Tuesday we started off with the H.O.T. training. It was great to be out on the collapse site with great guys like Mike, Nick, Nuge, Joey, Tom, Jeremy, Joe, Nigel and Larry (sorry to anybody I missed). Having the opportunity to work with you and the 107 students that came through the class was a privilege. I think everyone appreciated the weather this year, which was much improved from last year… no wind, rain, sleet or chapped faces. The SearchCam 3000 was a hit with students and the feedback was extremely positive. It was a shame we didn’t have enough time to break out the Delsar and CON-SPACE gear, but time was at a premium and you can only do so much in a day.
The day before the show we assembled our entire sales team for a meeting to discuss how we are going to move our business forward into the future. This covered evolutionary and revolutionary product development and feedback from the field (we really do listen to our customers). It was really worthwhile and thanks to the entire team for participating…even Matt.

As usual, the show blew me away. For all the talk of FDIC getting smaller this year, when I was on the show floor the aisles were constantly full of people. I saw a lot of old friends and made some new ones too. As usual Claddagh, the Slippery Noodle, Bucca, Olives and Nicky Blaines rocked. See everyone again next year!  

Posted Monday April 12

Eight Kansas state Task Force Fire Rescue teams celebrated their graduation with each team leader being handed a CON-SPACE SearchCam 3000 camera. The ceremony took place at the Great Plains Joint Training Center, otherwise known as “Crisis City,” located in Salina, Kansas. This center is designed to train Rescue and HazMat teams for many kinds of disaster scenarios. Adjutant Kansas General Tod Bunting and new Crisis Center Manager Frank Coots applauded the training and support provided by CON-SPACE for live training on the “rubble pile” in October of 2009 and March of 2010. 

Bill Johnson represented CON-SPACE for both trainings and has continued to work with the individual departments in Kansas to enhance their knowledge of CON-SPACE search and rescue gear. Johnson noted it was both his and CON-SPACE’s honor to work hand in hand with the teams in the field and reiterated the company’s commitment to helping the teams at Crisis City in the future.


Posted Wednesday March 24

A lot has happened since my last blog post. There was a devastating earthquake in Chile at the end of February, thankfully our equipment was able to do some good for the people there. Greg Peters and I attended the San Diego based Firehouse World Conference & Expo again this year and had a great time talking with old and new friends. Then I was back on the road to Las Vegas with Matt Fiddes  for the International Wireless Conference and Exposition. While there we hooked  up with some of our industry partners and fire brothers and sisters to discuss the Digital P25 Communications issues and new ideas and solutions. Matt and I then headed straight to New York for the FDNY symposium where we were invited to show off some of our latest and greatest rescue gear.  In addition Joe Downey did a great presentation on the NY TF  in Haiti.
All in all, a crazy month for travel. But it was great to get out and show off our new gear and talk about new development projects and solutions. Can’t wait for FDIC!
Hope to see you there.