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Posted Tuesday December 22

I want to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers, distributors, representatives and friends in the rescue community the very best over the holiday season and for the New Year.

As I reflect on the past year it was not one that I would necessarily care to repeat either from a personal or business prospective; but without hardship there can be no success. Over the past year our staff has risen to the challenge and I would like to personally thank everyone at each CON-SPACE location in Bakersfield, Richmond, Newark, and Lincoln for their efforts. Your perseverance and positive attitude toward improving our quality systems, production processes, new product development, and customer service will be the foundation that our organization will build upon for years to come. 

To you and all your families I wish everyone all the very best of the season and for a prosperous and joyful New Year.


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Posted Friday December 11

For your information
Con-space Communications Inc. Vancouver BC, Canada
SAVOX Communications Oy Ab Ltd, Espoo, Finland
SAVOX Communications UK Ltd, Wiggington, York, United Kingdom
Lowe Electronics Ltd, Matlock, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Iqua Oy, Espoo, Finland
Are all presented as of today as being part of the SAVOX COMMUNICATIONS GROUP.
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Posted Friday November 6

Big news! As part of the overall restructuring of our organization, I have accepted the position of President.  Decorum prevents me from the obligatory WOO HOO!!! I will leave that up to those of you who like me.  In all honesty, I am very excited by this new position and will work hard to improve the search rescue equipment we sell and the service we provide our customers.  It’s no secret that the  last couple of years have been tough. Due to the economy and distractions on the “business side” of the business, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that our team dropped the ball in some important areas.  But that stops now!  This is a new day for CON-SPACE, financial issues are dealt with, constraints have been removed and the core business, built up by Terry Ibbotsen (my Dad) and Jim Swanson, is intact and thriving.  The strategy our team has decided on is simple.  We need to get back to basics:
1.   Have highly trained and knowledgeable engaged sales people in the field
2.   Be an active participant and provide value to the rescue community 
3.   Design and build the highest quality rescue and communication products in the world 
4.   Provide timely delivery 
5.   Provide timely and accessible service around the globe 
Measurable improvements in all these areas are our near term focus.  I’m sure that our competitors and nay sayers will say this is all fluff and marketing spin, but it’s a new day at CON-SPACE and I’m committed to building the best search rescue equipment in the world.  See you on the rubble pile.