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Posted Thursday August 27

 Inspiration behind the new Hanger Headset
PAPRS - Powered Air Purifying Respirators, especially hoods, make it difficult to communicate with the person next to you let alone over a radio. We set out to design a headset that could be worn comfortably with standard PAPR hoods and helmets/visor types.  During the testing phase we realized, with a minor design change, the headset would work with hardhats, helmets, baseball or bump caps.
The final product?  A good quality, inexpensive headset that does all of the above – we’re calling it “The Hanger Headset”… when you see it you will know why.
What Are Some Of Its Special Features?

  • Comfortable
  • Easy in Install & Remove
  • Noise Canceling
  • Water Resistant
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Fire Retardant Housing & Cable
  • Mylar Speaker
  • Can be Decontaminated

How is the Hanger Headset Configured?
You can configure the Hanger Headset in several ways:

  1. Hanger Headset ► Quick Disconnect ► SR65M (Push-to-Talk) ► Portable Radio
  2. Hanger Headset ► Quick Disconnect ► SRVA (Push to Talk/Voice Amplifier) ► Radio
  3. Hanger Headset ► with inline Push-to-Talk ►Radio Cable

Do I Need One?
You might want to take a look at the Hanger Headset if you use a radio, and:

  • work as an equipment operator or construction worker
  • work in mass decon ( wearing a PAPR)
  • work as a wildland fire fighter
  • perform high angle rescues, technical search or special rescue operations
  • do tactical applications and possibly swift water rescue – however, the headset is not submersible in water, it’s only water resistant.   

Available End of September
The Hanger should be available the end of September.
Try It Out And Tell Us What You Think….
If you’re interested in trying out the new Hanger Headset, be one if the first ten people to email us at [email protected] .  I’ll arrange for you to try it out the Hanger Headset.  All “I” (actually Julie, our VP Marketing) asks is that you write an honest review of the Hanger for our website.  

Posted Friday July 10

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Posted Thursday July 2

And the Winner is…….
Richard Schau, a 34-year-old firefighter from West Lake Fire Department, Erie Pennsylvania.  Schau, who is the Assistant Fire Chief at West Lake, writes in an email that they respond to an average of 1100 calls per year.  This highly-trained volunteer fire department does QRS, Rescue and Firefighting and is also trained in HazMat, Airport Firefighting, Heavy Rescue and Tech Rescue – 95% of this department is trained at an EMT level or higher.
West Lake services a population of approximately 65,000 people.
Schau writes, “We assembled our Tech Rescue team six years ago due to the need in our region.”  West Lake Fire currently has 24 members trained in Confined Space & Trench Rescue.  The Searchcam 3000 will be a big addition to this department’s rescue efforts. 
He continues, “We’ve made huge accomplishments with our team and have worked side- by-side with local government and businesses to educate them in the area of Rescue…Within the next two years, our goal is to have our team recognized by the Federal Government and be able to respond anywhere in the US.”
Congratulations to Richard and the West Lake Fire Department.  Schau will take possession of his new Searchcam 3000 in early September.
We had over 200 online entries for this contest.  For those of you who didn’t win, our sales reps are standing by to take your call.