Con-Space News

Posted Monday August 30

Another first happened last week during a joint Savox Group sales presentation in North America! I was privileged to be one of three senior managers, each representing different Savox group companies, to introduce our joint capabilities to a very large equipment manufacturer. Synergistic skill sets across the Savox Group have created a pool of application and technological experience and practical knowledge, that when linked with global manufacturing flexibility and service capabilities, make us a truly a one stop shop when it comes to new product development for third parties.
So you are probably thinking how is this going to do me any good as a CON-SPACE, SearchCam®, Delsar® equipment user?
Immediately you won’t notice large changes. However we have been making ongoing improvements for some time now. We are in a ramp up phase and as time goes by and we begin to incorporate and  integrate: cutting edge technologies, digital signal processing, proprietary algorithms and software, the latest in ruggedized industrial design, and  patent pending acoustic and imaging architecture, you will experience why we are leaders in the field of Technical Search & Rescue equipment. 
We are continuously looking for customer feedback and ideas to make our products even better. Contact me or your Regional Sales Manager (contact us). Thanks for your continued support!

Posted Tuesday July 27

The summer is flying by quickly this year. It seems like only yesterday I was writing a season’s greetings blog. Over the last few months we have made a number of changes within our organization in the pursuit of improved product quality and better customer service.
We are in the process of implementing a new ERP system that will allow us to work more efficiently and communicate more effectively. The biggest change that you might notice is the relocation of our manufacturing and service facility from Bakersfield, California to Lincoln, Nebraska. The decision to move the facility was not easily taken. Many factors went into the decision to relocate which I will not go into here; suffice to say it is difficult to lose part of our CON-SPACE team. I would like to personally wish each and every one of them the very best for the future and thank them for their part in the growth of CON-SPACE.

Posted Tuesday July 20

Western Cook County, IL played host to several Fire Rescue and Hazmat Teams training on CON-SPACE products. The site of the exercise was two abandoned houses that were made to look as though they were hit by a tornado (IMG 1). The teams used the CON-SPACE SearchCam 3000 to look for any possible victims trapped in the house (IMG 3). Using the camera, the operator was able to successfully find four “victims.” The snapshot picture provided, (IMG 2) captured using the SearchCam 3000 camera’s onboard picture memory, actually shows one these victims trapped next to the refrigerator and couch.

The CON-SPACE EntryLink Diversity System was also utilized by the Incident Commander to give him a set of eyes for viewing the victim extrication processes as the teams moved their way through the residence. Finally, the Talon Throat Mic module communication system was also supplied for voice communication between team members. This proved highly effective for the team communication as there was a lot of background noise from various saws, generators and other loud machinery.

All equipment and training on the use of the SearchCam 3000, EntryLink Diversity and Talon Throat Mic were supplied by CON-SPACE Sales Manager Bill Johnson.